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September 22


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Flamenco Classes




Flamenco is a style of music and dance depicted as being the music of Andulusian gitanos (gypsies) of Spain. But historically its roots are in mainstream Spanish society, beginning in the 18th century. 

Flamenco is made up of 3 different parts, el toque (guitar), el cante (song), & el baile (dance). 

El baile flamenco is known for its emotional intensity, proud carriage, expressive use of the hands & arms and rhythmic stamping of the feet. "Classical flamenco" is characterized by a proud, upright carriage - for the women, the back is often held in a marked back bend. There is little movement of the hips, the body is tightly held and the arms are long, like a ballet dancer.  Many of the dancers train in ballet as well as flamenco.  Modern flamenco is a highly technical dance style requiring years of study. The emphasis for both male & female performers is on lightning-fast footwork performed with absolute precision. In addition, the dancer may have to dance while using props such as castanets, shawls, & fans.

Because of the emotional maturity involved in the deep expression in el baile, many flamenco dancers do not hit their peak until their 30's, & will continue to perform into their 50's and beyond. For this reason, Flamenco is also an ideal dance style for those adults looking to get involved in a dance program.

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*Flamenco skirt and shoes required*