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Providing Ballet and Dance Instruction to Cypress, Tomball, and Spring area Since 1996

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September 22


Ages 4-adult             


The Well-Rounded Dancer

The best foundation for a well rounded dancer is classical ballet. At Artisan School of Dance we specialize in classical ballet instruction. In addition to classical ballet, we also encourage our dancers to be well-rounded in other areas of dance. That is why we offer instruction in   jazz, contemporary and flamenco.

Artisan offers dance instruction for all ages, toddlers-adults. Classical ballet is the foundation on which all dance is built. Through their instruction our dancers receive the benefits of classical training, including discipline, grace, balance, full-body strength, and coordination.

With more than 50 years, combined classical dance training, knowledge, and professional experience, we instruct our dancers in the proper fundamentals of classical ballet.

The Cuban Method

Artisan School of Dance instructors follow the Cuban Method of classical ballet training.

The Cuban method is a Russian Vaganova based method emphasizing dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs and torso.

The torso is the foundation of all movement, so the dancer's torso has to be strengthened. It is very clean and precise but not stiff; combining the Italian Cecchetti and the French method of dance.

It has a romantic feel that combines the high Russian extension with the brilliant Italian footwork and French arm artistry. Today the Cuban method is galvanizing the industry of dance and changing the face of ballet with superb technique and impeccable footwork.

Cuba is currently recognized for having dancers of the highest technical and emotional ability.Cuban-trained dancers are now marquee names in top ballet companies throughout the world including Alicia Alonso, Carlos Acosta–Royal Ballet of London, Xiomara Reyes – ABT, Daniel Sarabia –Boston Ballet and Miami City Ballet, and Rolando Sarabia– Houston Ballet.