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Providing Ballet and Dance Instruction to Cypress, Tomball, and Spring area Since 1996

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Welcome to Artisan School of Dance

The foundation for every dancer is based on classical ballet. At Artisan School of Dance (“ASD”), we specialize in classical ballet instruction.   In addition, we encourage our students to be well-rounded in other areas of dance.  We offer instruction in tap, jazz, flamenco and contemporary.   


Through classical ballet instruction, our dancers receive the benefits of discipline, grace, balance, full-body strength and coordination.  In addition, they gain music appreciation, self-confidence and interpersonal skills.   ASD engages highly qualified instructors with over 100 years of combined classical dance training, knowledge and personal experience.    Our dancers are instructed in the proper fundamentals and advanced techniques of classical ballet which are paramount to the development of a well-rounded, disciplined dancer.


ASD offers two performance opportunities for its students each year--the holiday classic, the Nutcracker and a themed Spring Performance. The Nutcracker is hosted by Artisan Ballet Company (“ABC”), a non-profit tax-exempt ballet company created to provide additional classical dance instruction and performance opportunities for the northwest Houston community.  Students may audition for participation in the Nutcracker, held the second weekend of December at the Berry Center.   All enrolled ASD students participate in the Spring Performance in early June.


Returning Families

Returning dancers and families-- please review the policies and procedures carefully as some items have been updated and some have changed.   As the school grows, we have found the need to standardize administrative tasks for registrations, payment collections, etc.   Practices that were acceptable in prior years are no longer possible to accommodate.   

Class levels have been adjusted.  Please consult with Martha Brem to ensure you are registering for the proper class.

Thank you for your understanding.   



  • Accept monthly tuition payments by check.  Monthly installments must be paid with a credit card on file.   We accept checks for semester and annual payments.   Monthly payments will be charged between the 1st and the 5th of each month.
  • Divide costume fees into installments.
  • Make alternative payment arrangements.  Please seek financing options outside of ASD. 


Communication:  All communication is via e-mail and web-site therefore it is very important that Artisan have a current e-mail address that is regularly reviewed.  Artisan cannot guarantee regular communication if the email provided is not valid or changes. Please contact Artisan via email: if you have any questions or need to update your email address. Additional information will be posted at the website:


Please communicate any illnesses/ injuries or family/ school events that require your student to miss class via email.    


Add / Drop / Make-up of Classes:  If you plan to register for a class, please fill out registration forms at the front desk.


To drop a class, written notice to the attention of Martha Brem is required two weeks before the end of the month of which you will stop taking the class (approximately the 15th of the month).  If you choose to stop attending the class in the middle of the month, you will not be refunded any pro-rated amount for classes not attended.  We encourage the students to finish out the month.  Exigent circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis at Martha Brem’s sole discretion.


If your daughter or son will miss a class, please e-mail Artisan in advance. There are no make-up classes unless there is a justifiable reason for the absence (e.g., illness or injury) and with a doctor’s note.  To schedule the make-up, please email Artisan to be advised of your options.  When a student attends a class they do not normally attend, this is difficult on the teacher and child due to the class instruction that was designed for that class and group of students.


Registration and WaiversAll new and returning students must complete a registration package including waivers and class enrollment.   It is important that ASD know how to reach parents in the event of emergency and for communication purposes.  


Tuition and Other Charges:  Tuition and other fees including, but not limited to, costume and production fees are not pro-rated and are non-refundable.  Please refer to the “Class Tuition and Payment Plans” for additional information about tuition.  The monthly payment plan is an 11 installment plan and includes August and June payments. Tuition payable each month does not represent that particular month’s tuition.  Some months are longer or shorter due to holidays and the individual calendar.  For convenience in calculating the amount payable monthly, tuition for the entire school year has been divided into 11 payments due on the first of the month, August through June.  If your dancer starts mid-year, tuition payments are payable for 11 payments reduced by the previous months.   The tuition and curriculum for dance education is structured based on a year-long commitment, with the dance year defined as August through June.  

Students must be in good standing financially with Artisan School of Dance, Artisan Ballet Company (if applicable) and Artisan Flamenco Company (if applicable) to participate in classroom instruction, productions (Nutcracker, Spring Recital) demonstrations and other activities,  and to pick up costumes, pictures or DVDs or any other ordered materials.   It is your responsibility to respond to payment inquiries and to ensure payment has been received.    

Method of Payment:  Artisan accepts payment by cash, check, or credit card. Reminders or bills for tuition or other fees are not sent out.  There will be a late fee of $25.00 in the event that your monthly tuition is not paid by the 5th day of the month. Those electing a monthly payment plan must have a valid credit card on file.  Parents are responsible for updating expired or cancelled credit card information in a timely manner.  


Note:  Payment is due on or before the 1st and late by the 5th no matter what day your dancer attends class, holidays or weekends.  Early payments are accepted. 


All payments for tuition, costume, production fees, etc. must be made by the stated due date to avoid late charges of $25 per charge.    ASD does not want your late fees.  We simply need to process payments efficiently for each period and type at the same time to minimize administrative costs.  Late fees are charged per student.  


Balances greater than 60 days accrue interest at the maximum lawful rate allowable in the state of Texas. Artisan engages a collection agency to assist with past due balances.  The fee for any returned (NSF) checks is $40. 


Spring Production:  All students are expected to participate in the Spring Production which is held the second weekend of June. Participation requires payment of separate production and costume fees in advance.   Exception:  Dancers enrolling after February 2016 are not eligible to participate in the recital.   There is not enough time for new students to learn the choreography.   Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by Martha Brem.  

As a convenience to ASD families, ASD arranges for in studio pictures and production DVDs with outside vendors.  Finished products are delivered to the studio.  It is each family’s responsibility to pick up the products within 3 months of each event.   ASD is not responsible for items left after this time.


Class Etiquette: 

No cell phones, iPods, or any other electronic devices are allowed in the classroom during class.  Additionally, please do not bring toys, books, cameras or any other items not related to the class into the classroom.  No drinks, gum, candy, or food is allowed in class.  No jewelry or other loose items are to be worn during class. 


Students are expected to have a positive attitude and be respectful of teachers and other students at all times.  Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student for any reason, especially if he or she disrupts the class or is disrespectful.


Please be respectful of the times when the classes begin and end.  Try to arrive a little early to ensure that the student is ready for their class and does not interrupt a class already in progress.  Doors will remain closed during class time.


Safety:   Safety is of utmost important to us.  Please escort young dancers to and from the studio.  Dancers waiting for pickup should remain in the building until their parent is in front of the door.   Dancers under the age of 10 and all siblings should not be left unattended in the lobby.  Please pick up your dancers promptly at the end of class. The studio closes at 9pm.


Class Placement:  Students will be placed in a class level that is determined at the sole discretion of the Director.  New students may be asked to take a “placement” class to help determine which level is most appropriate for the student.  Please note that all advanced classes are by placement only.  Different studios may use intermediate and advanced differently.  Artisan wants the best dance experience for your dancer.


Inclement Weather:  Artisan follows the Cy-Fair School District decisions for any closings due to inclement weather.  This means that if Cy-Fair District is closed due to inclement weather, Artisan will also be closed until conditions improve. If unsure, please call (832) 717-3263 or (281) 704-9139 to verify.


Class Attire:  It is very important that the students follow the dress code for ALL of the dance classes


  • Ballet – hair must be in a bun (no exceptions)
  • Other classes – prefer bun (minimum requirement is ponytail and pulled back from face)
  • A bun is required for all Advanced Classes.
  • No jewelry should be worn.
  • Dancers are encouraged to wear clothing to cover up their dance attire and street shoes when arriving and departing from the school.
  • All dance bags and personal items should be stowed in the cubbies in the lobby during classes.
  • We recommend dance attire to be purchased from stores such as Fancy Dancer / Jazz Rags or Costumes & Dancewear.  Dancewear from Payless, Target or other discount stores cost more in the long run due to inferior quality. 


Pre-Primary Ballet/ Tap Combo:

Pink petal sleeve ballet dress with attached sheer skirt

Pink ballet slippers and thin white socks or pink tights

Tan tap shoes with elastic tap ties

Tap, Jazz and Contemporary Classes (Elementary and Above):

Black camisole leotard with

      -Black sheer skirt for tap

      -Black footless tights for Jazz and Contemporary

Tan tap shoes for tap

Tan jazz shoes for jazz

Barefoot, ballet slippers or any toe/foot sole pads for Contemporary class*

  *Instructor will specify what is needed for production.


Primary Ballet/ Tap Combo:

White petal sleeve ballet dress with attached sheer skirt

Pink ballet slippers and thin white socks or pink tights

Tan tap shoes with elastic tap ties

Ballet I and up:

Basic solid black camisole leotard*

Pink ballet slippers with pink ballet tights

Optional – light pink leg warmers – color must match tights

Flamenco Classes:

Black camisole leotard

Flamenco skirt

Flamenco or characters shoes

Castanets – only required for Intermediate and advanced

Male Ballet Students:

White fitted dance shirt

Black fitted dance shorts (Pre-Primary to Level IV)

Black men’s tights with dance belt (level V and up)

White or black ballet slippers and white socks

*Basic Black Camisole Leotard (Artisan prefers Mirella: 201-basic, 202- pinch, 207-princess)

Note: No words, designs or jewels are allowed on any of the dance attire.

During the cold weather, the students in the 3 year old thru Primary classes may wear a ballet (light) pink wrap ballet sweater during class. The Ballet I and up classes may wear a solid black ballet sweater, solid black ballet shorts, and ballet (light) pink leg warmers which must match the tights – no designs or stripes.


 Thank you for choosing Artisan School of Dance.  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail or call us at (832) 717-3263. Information is also on our website:


Summer Intensives and Programs

Artisan holds several summer programs and intensives during the summer:  Advanced, Intermediate, Young Dancer and Dance Like a Princess (Prince).  Programs are subject to change each year.   Artisan does not hold regular classes during the summer.

Artisan Ballet Company

Artisan Ballet Company (ABC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established to encourage a love of classical ballet to both young dancers and the community.  Our goals reach beyond just teaching our dancers the foundations of classical ballet.  Artisan Ballet Company will strive to provide the finest education and training necessary for the future dancers, choreographers and teachers of tomorrow.   Members of ABC are selected by invitation only and exhibit a dedication to learning classical ballet technique and talent.   Invitations may be issued by audition.   ABC members are required to take additional classes and rehearsals that may be held during the week and/or weekends.  In addition, ABC members must attend at least one Artisan Summer Intensive.  Artisan Ballet Company presents the Nutcracker each December and a themed performance in the spring

Artisan Flamenco Dance Company

Artisan Flamenco Company (ABC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established to provide additional performing opportunities and to share the cultural heritage of Flamenco with the community.


Professional Program

Artisan School of Dance offers a specialized training for dancer’s interested in pursuing dancer post high school (in college or professionally.) The professional ballet training program at Artisan is recommended to be taken as full-time four-day-a-week program combined with Artisan School of Dance classes offered in the regular class program.  Students must audition with the teacher and the Artistic Director to be accepted into the program and be at least 11 years of age to be considered.   Performing opportunities:  Students must be enrolled full-time (4 days a week) to perform with the professional level program in year end and other special events and must be enrolled as students of Artisan School of Dance. Students considering the professional program option should be taking a minimum of 6 hours of ballet classes per week.  Students electing to take the program on a part-time basis may be required to attend on certain days of the week at the teacher's or Artistic Director's  discretion.